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Current Issue

January-March 2019| Vol 7| Issue 1

Editor's note

Journey of Journal of Indian System of Medicine

It is a moment of delight to pen a note for the volume 7, issue 1 of the journal, which is now being published through its new partner Wolters Kluwer—Medknow. The Journal of Indian System of Med...


Evidence-based Ayurveda: Way forward......

Redman and Mory defined research in a few words as “systematized efforts to gain new knowledge.”[1] It is a process of systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of data, leading ...

Original Article

Incidence of fissure-in-ano among night duty workers

Background: Anal fissure is commonly seen in today’s era. The incidence of fissure is 10% of the total cases attending proctology clinics. Lifestyle has an important impact on anorectal d...

Original Article

Experimental study on effect of Naga Bhasma (lead calx) on hematological and biochemical parameters

Background: In recent decade, a lot of concerns has been raised regarding heavy metal content in Ayurveda medicines, especially Bhasma (metallic calx). Naga Bhasma (lead calx) is ...

Original Article

In vivo anticancer activity and toxicity of Ayurveda compound W.S.R. to leukemia

Introduction: A diseased caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in any tissue of any organ of the body is called cancer. There are various types of cancers on the basis of primary...

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