Journal of Indian System of Medicine

: 2017  |  Volume : 5  |  Issue : 4  |  Page : 292--300

Concept of Sadyasnehana- A review

Punam Gaurav Sawarkar, KSR Prasad 
 Assistant Professor, Department of Panchakarm, Mahatma Gandhi Ayurveda College Hospital and Research Centre, Salod (H), Wardha (MH), India

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Punam Gaurav Sawarkar
Assistant Professor, Department of Panchakarm, Mahatma Gandhi Ayurveda College Hospital and Research Centre, Salod (H), Wardha (MH)

Panchkarma (putative) therapy is the precious gift offered by Ayurveda. Panchkarma therapy is purification therapy which washes out the body by eliminating morbid /vitiatedDoshas (humours) i.e. toxins. In order to bring various bio toxins from periphery of the body into the gastro intestinal canal for its easy evacuation, Snehapana (Unction) and Swedana (sudation) are applied. Out of them Aabhyantar Snehana (internal administration of fat) is the integral procedure to fulfill this aim. To reduce the duration of Snehapana therapy remarkably, Sadyosnehana (Instatnt oleation) concept can be utilized. For its easy and proper administration, scattered references regarding Sadyasnehapana are compiled from Ayurved compendia. Through this paper, these are the humble attempt to focus on review literature which can provide basic platform for wide acceptability of Sadyasnehana concept. To review the literature regarding Sadya snehana from various Ayurved compendia and Ayurvedic research article on database. Review literature regarding Sadyasnehana is collected from Bruhatatrayi and Laghutrayi, Kashyapa Samhita, Vrundamadhava and Ayurvedic research article available on database and complied under heads of indications, contraindications, duration, dose, procedure, its pharmacokinetic and pharmacodyanamics with its different formulations and complications. Scattered references regarding Sadyasnehana are observed through Brihatrayi and Laghutrayi. Single article having clinical trial for Sadya Snehana effects is available on Ayurvedic research database. By taking its various literature studies into consideration, it is possible to draw inferences for its rational use. Out all Various Sadyansneha Yogas, Saindha- Sarpi Yoga is the most economical and easy available formulation which can attain Samyaka Snehana Lakshana(proper oleation features) effect quickly and equally due to its pharmacological action. Indications and contraindications are important to take into consideration while its application. The concept of Sadyasnehana can be understood very well from complied study of review literature from our ancient Ayurvedic Samhita and can be modified in terms of contemporary parameters on the basis of their mode of action. Sadyasnehana if equally effective in terms of attaining Samyaka Snehana effect then we can efficiently apply the concept of Sadyasnehana in clinical practice which may be popular in future due to its minimum period of administration of Sneha.

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